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"Your Pet Search Function is FANTASTIC.  In a few minutes we were able to find what we wanted...and for the price of a few coffees"

-- J. Winters,   Burnaby 

"Your website is very easy to use and I would definitely encourage friends and family to use it to find their next home in the Lower Mainland"

-- A. Reich,   Vancouver

"Love your site, easy to navigate, great pictures and cheap.  I saved so much time and hassle. Thanks so much."

-- K. Chong,    Richmond

"Now I realize that I should have had only your service from the very first day I started looking. Great site."

-- S. Normand,   Vancouver.

'I followed your tips and phoned on December 3rd. The manager had not even put the sign out yet. I went down to the building immediately and we got the place. I will recommend your site to everyone I know"

-- B. Cunningham,   New Westminster

"I like the fact that you can see just about everything that the apartments offers next to going to see the complex itself. I also like the fact that it offers you many options so that you can customize your search results. Thank you."

-- P. Singh,    Surrey

"I found a lot of information at your site that would have taken weeks to find! Thank you!!"

-- D. Windsor,    Clearfield - Ontario
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